Encounter or Chemical Imbalance

As far back as I can remember, my father would tell stories of strange lights in the sky. I mean stories that would absolutely scare the hell right out of you. I find myself wondering if he knew more than he was saying. His father a Major during World War I and himself a Master Sergeant in the Army Air Corps during the second World War, I still can not help thinking "how did he know about such things?"

I have transversed roads that lead to obscure marks on a map. Cities and towns, places that ninety-nine percent of the worlds population has never heard of. Names like Grayson and Olive Hill, Kentucky. Sutton, Flatwoods and Green Bank West Virginia. Locations that normal people wouldn't visit if their life depended on it. Maybe mine does! Later it was Area 51, Socorro, Roswell, White Sands and Devil's Tower. This of course is not to overlook the abduction.

The clinical psychologist diagnosed it as a chemical imbalance. Drugs that were used in my formidable years. But how does that explain the mark on my right ankle? How can anyone explain my infatuation with radio and the need, the feeling that I must communicate or someone is attempting to contact me? Is it normal for a 12 year old to spend hours upon hours reading "Project Blue Book"? Why, even today do I get the feeling there is someone always behind me. The feeling that someone or something is watching ..... and waiting?

The first encounter that I can recall with any accuracy was in the mountains of West Virginia. The ones prior to that night will be attributed to the active or overly active mind of a juvenile. Sutton, West Virginia is about 45 miles south west of Weston. If you can remember before the national highway system was complete, travel was over secondary roads. Two lane blacktop, with nothing between point A and point B. The road this night was U.S. 19. It took about 8 or 9 hours to arrive at our destination. Before we arrived and always early in the morning hours, the stories started.

On this particular night Sutton was the location. Tied in with this story was the creature from Flatwoods. I always felt the people in West Virginia were touched but how in the world could a person concoct such stories. Now keep in mind this was in the eyes of a then 12 year old.

A creature described with eyes of fire and a stick that belted out a powerful jolt of electrifying light. And don't forget the smell! The poor county folks from the hills just could not believe what they saw. Flatwoods and Sutton, separated by miles of emptiness and years apart by encounters but still a vivid accounting by a man that I feel had encounters of his own.

Green Bank West Virginia is home of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. One trip while destined to the Cass Railroad, sure, but a second time? I am enamored with not only the size and shape of the dishes but what if there is someone out there and they are trying to make contact? Remember a few years ago, the worlds largest movable radio telescope collapsed for no apparent reason.

Once again in the early morning hours, many years later the parallel lines finally crossed. Barring the many nights of absolute fear and terror of the unknown when I was still growing, this night would be the one most memorable. A grown man, secure in his house, asleep when it happened. First it was the bluish green floating balls of matter that transformed at the foot of the bed. Then it was the head , eyes and fingers that I still picture in my mind. They were short, with a bright silver or gray suit. Total and complete control. Where they took me I still don't remember. Why they took me, I don't know. But they did and thank heavens they brought me back. I remember waking up, perspiring profusely and waking my wife to ask if she saw them? To this day she refuses to talk to me about that night. Chemical imbalance my foot, those things were real.

 The men in black (MIB's) and the wise old men (WOM's) are still a viable part of most encounters.

For those who are scratching their heads, MIB's represent the dark side of the unknown and the WOM's are the good guys. The MIB's explain that it is in the best interest to you and your family not to discuss your story, while the WOM's tell you not to worry, someday soon you will understand.

Unfortunately, I have past this fear of the unknown on to my son. I am sure one day he too will have his encounter. My daughter on the other hand thinks (along the same lines as my wife) that we are both crazy and should be locked up. At my twentieth year class reunion, my message to the class brought quite a chuckle. It closed with "we are not alone" and "keep looking to the stars." They also think I am out in left field. Along these same lines let me share my educational and job experiences with you. For the last 20 years I have served as a police officers for a bedroom community of Louisville, Kentucky. Before that and while serving as a police officer, I have worked for numerous radio stations and teach a criminal justice class for a community college. I currently hold an Associate in Science degree from Vincennes University and now working on a B.A. from Indiana University.

I hope by sharing part of my story, you will share yours too. I can be contacted at the following address:

P.O. 1357 Roanoke, TX 76262

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