UFO Cover-Up

   Why is the Federal Government not telling the true story of Roswell
   and other UFO anomalies?  Could it be for the following reasons:

 1.  Society is not ready to accept that we are not alone in this
     vast universe.

 2.  The world economy would be devastated.

 3.  Religious leaders fear it could be the down fall of Biblical theory.

  Lets start with option #1.  Think of how our outlook on life would
  change if we knew that other forms of life are scampering around the
  universe.  Humans have a complex. We think we are the greatest
  creatures in the universe. Could we be the same as the slug or ant
  to whom ever the government is trying to protect us from? 

  Option #2, If other life forms exist, what is their economy based on? 
  Or do they even have such a thing?  Surely it would not be based on the
  gold standard or the Great American "Green Bucks".  Their technology is 
  greater, so surely the standard of living must be based on some
  ideological needs too!

  Religion.  Most religions are based upon the bible (in one form or
  another).  Most earthly religions express knowledge of a Supreme God.
  If that is the case and all forms of life stem from the belief in the
  bible, then our Supreme Being also created "them".  If they did not
  fail the test in the Garden of Eden, then they must have a greater
  knowledge of the "Being".  But what if the teachings of the bible do
  not correspond with the rest of the universe?  What if our conception
  of the soul is wrong?  What if we are wrong about religion?  

  Of course this is only my opinion.  I encourage you to express and
  share your ideas and thoughts on this subject.  For more information on
  UFO's I invite you to call 502.713.4720, email or by USPS at 
  "Contact" P.O. Box 1357 Roanoke, TX  76262.

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