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WX9Z / W9ME / W9WCQ / W9WIU / WO1R / NY9M / NA6Q / W9WKY / KC9RIR - Sulphur, Indiana  47174

"Elevating Mass Transit (and the people that make it possible ) To The Next Level"


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Sulphur, Indiana - Home  the Fastest Rail and Elevated System in the U.S.
100% efficient   -  100% of the time!
Repeater:  443.400+ PL 107.2
World renown for its rail and elevated transit system that links Magnet, Mt. Pleasant, Leopold and now Sulphur!
With the completion of the massive Derby Tunnel (better known as the DT) and The International Deep Water Port,
It will make the MMLS system the largest, fastest and most comprehensive waterway transportation complex in the world!
And with the proposed link to the Tell City International Air Complex (Summer of 2025) 97 % of all U.S. commerce with pass thru our region.
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