Leap Day February 29, 2016

                      This is the final entry for the history of Ross Brothers Farm.  In January 2016, and after 16 years the property was
                      sold for $24,000. We had completed  all that we set out to do. Now only time will generate the history of the farm.
                      It was not easy to say good-bye to 16 years of memories, but  age and time had taken its toll. As you read our story,
                      remember it's history only because it occurred, we lived it.

                      May God Bless This Piece Of Land And Watch Over All That Set Foot Upon It.

                      March 1, 2016 --  But what about the monies from the sell of the farm?  Follow this link ->  Ross Creek Ridge


                       Ross Creek Ridge
                       This is the first entry for Ross Creek Ridge. The property in Magnet
was sold and the new story begins here in Sulphur, Indiana.

                        Our new address is 6615 S. Smith Mountain Road. A county road located just off of Interstate 64 and SR 237.
                        And so, a new chapter begins!


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