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Ross Creek Ridge (Est. 2016)

6615 South Smith Mountain Road
Sulphur, Indiana 47174
Union Township  Crawford County  USA


Phone: 812.285.1955
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Ross Creek Ridge
South Smith Mountain Road
Crawford County, Indiana
In The Heart Of The Hoosier National Forest
40 Minutes West Of Louisville, KY
At The Intersection of I-64 and SR 237
Sulphur, Indiana 47174

Originally this was part of a 25 acre tract of land owned by the Allinger Family of English, Indiana.
In February 2016 a small portion of land was sold to the Ross Bothers (Barry and David) of Clarksville, Indiana.
Proceeds from the sell of the Magnet property was used to purchased about 3.5 acres on South Smith Mt Road.

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Photo Gallery


Road Trip To Property
Road Prior To Excavation
Dilly The Donkey

The Flood
Frank The Billy Goat
The Rock Show



Water Falls - 1
Water Falls - 2
Hill Side Road
Road Complete

2000 - 2016
The Farm



Ross Creek Ridge - 2016

Ross Family 1767 -
The Magnet Property Was Sold And The Sulphur Property was...
(read more) Updated February 2016
Angus Ross was born in Scotland in 1767...
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2019 Hunting & Fishing
Fossil Hunting Farm Service
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Indiana Department of
Natural Resources
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