History: Ross Brothers Farm -- Prior to the year 2000

                        Barry and David formed a business and incorporated in 1996.  The legal name was Ross
                        Communications and Research, Inc.  We invested in the stock market, mostly technology
                        stocks. Some examples were Microsoft, SGI, VIACOM.  Later we added UPS (United Parcel
                        Service) and a few U.S. Savings bonds. Our original investment came from a few
                         shares of CSX stock that was held since the late 1970’s.  The actual business was a small
                         internet service that we operated for about 3 years. In 2000 there was the great “dot.com”
                         bust and the stock market  took a deep plunge.  Along with evolving technology such as
                         DSL and Cable Modems, our business soon became an albatross.
                        After selling the remaining stock to pay off our business indebtedness, the corporation was
                        dissolved and we claimed a profit of about $5000.00. We had always talked about owning
                        some land, so we mutually agreed that the remaining proceeds would be used as a down

                        We started exploring the idea of purchasing property during the late spring of 2000. Finally in
                        August 2000 and after financing another $7000.00, we purchased 5 acres of land.  It became
                        known as the “Ross Brothers Farm” and officially was referred to as “the property”.
                     History: August 2000 and Afterwards

                        While not technically a farm when purchased in 2000, the property at one time was part of 60
                        acres and its original owners, Richard and Nelda Waninger, used the land for a corn field
                        and to graze cattle.

                        Located in Perry County Indiana, between the communities of Mt. Pleasant and Magnet, behind
                        the old Elder school house and down a gravel road designated as Pleasant Ridge Lane, off of
                        Hwy 66, it is about 12 miles from I-64 and 50 miles west of Louisville, Kentucky. What we like to
                        refer to as “Gods Country”.  Our lot is bordered on the east, west and south by other 5 acre lots.
                        The north side, however, converges into the Hoosier National Forest and 1000’s of acres of

                        When the Waningers’ sold the property a local real-estate agent purchased most of the 60
                        acres and divided it into eight, 5 acre lots and two, 10 acre lots. The two 10 acres lots are
                        accessible only from Hwy 66.  Timber of value was harvested and sold. A gravel road was
                        excavated from  where the county road ends that allows access to the area.  Originally the
                        county road was named Ulysses or County Road 131, but was changed after a larger
                        easement was obtained.  Electric lines were also established to supply the lots with partial

                        A side note and opinion:  The usable lumber was removed but the tops were left on the ground.
                        I later was told this is  done to help promote fertile soil (as the tree tops and limbs begin to break down
                        and decay.)

                       The area also has a very high “fragipan”.  For those, like me that don’t know what a fragipan is,
                        it is the first layer of soil that will not allow water to pass efficiently.  This becomes a problem
                        when you want to install a septic system. Our property however did pass the soil test and is on
                        file with the Perry County Health Department.

                        One final note: It’s great to have electricity. But for 10 years after establishing service, we will be
                        paying for the convenience.  Something I failed to ask the realtor was the fact that a
                        right-of-way easement agreement was in place and the cost of the service would be passed on
                        to anyone hooking up.

                        Speaking of easements, our lot and the lot to the east, each have a 10 foot easement to allow
                        lots 6, 7, and 8, access to the U.S. Forest. While I haven’t been able to confirm this information,
                        I was told lots 4 and 5 also have an easement for the 2 10 acre lots for use to access the forest

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