Ross Brothers Farm
                        2004 was another expensive year.  A 1600 gallon cistern and 1000 gallon septic tank
                        were installed. One of the best investments however, was the excavation of the hillside so that
                        we could add the hillbilly highway. The road opened the bottom portion of the property for further
                        development and expansion.  One fall day I decided to drive down the road in the 1978 F-150.
                        Well to make a long story (and a weekend) short, it cost $175.00 to have the truck pulled out.
                        Lessoned learned; donít drive on a dirt road after it rains.  With the extra dirt from the cistern
                        and septic, we had the contractor clear some brush and construct a small wildlife pond along the
                        back fence row.  Trees, actually this time a small orchard. What started with 3 apple trees soon
                        grew into 10 apples, 3 peach, 2 pears and 1 prune tree.  I still canít get a cherry tree to take
                        root.  Along the north east fence line is a wild persimmon tree also.
                        Near the end of 2004 remodeling started on the cabin. A 10 by 12 foot room was added. Donít
                        take any measurements, because they are all off. A lot of the wood and doors and other building
                        materials were collected on various garbage days.  Why spend a buck, if you look hard enough
                        someone is going to throw out everything that you need to build a castle.
                       So begins 2005.  Hard work continued but finally the room addition was complete or as
                       complete as it was going to get. Yes another crop failure, but would you expect anything else?
                       The few apples became a late night snack for a hungry deer.  Grapes, raspberries and
                       asparagus along with a popular tulip tree were added to our every growing need to help out
                       Mother Nature. The wildlife pond actually has green frogs, turkeys abound and yes the grass still
                       grows and needs cut about every other week.  After 5 years our loan for the property was paid
                       off.  5 years in the making and the property is finally all ours.
                        Iím sure a number of important items have slipped my mind, like the first time a coyote howl
                        was heard. The storms that toppled a bunch of old sassafras trees. How darn right cold it got in
                        the winter and how hot it was in the summer. The campfires and the burn barrel. The chestnut
                        seeds that are planted around the property or the time capsule at the end of the drive.  Did I
                        mention we have satellite TV?  We did itÖ took old farm land, changed the landscape, meet
                        real farmers and people that make a living off the land. Ventured away from our normal life style
                        and laid claimed to a small nick of our childrenís, childrenís memory. While we may never
                        become famous or rich, for that matter, if nothing else, we can call it ours.  So can we call it a
                        farm? Sure we can!

                        Welcome to Ross Brothers Farm October 2005

                        Legal Description and Location

                        6620 Pleasant Ridge Lane   Tract #2
                        Magnet, Indiana  47520
                        Township: Section 3 5-S Range 1-W
                        Perry County
                        Map #: 100340009PG6

                        38.06.53n 086.30.24w   818 feet
                        38.06.57n 086.30.24w   824 feet
                        38.06.63n 086.30.24w   707 feet
                        38.06.64n 086.30.18w   750 feet
                        38.06.59n 086.30.18w   798 feet
                        38.06.52n 086.30.17w   808 feet
                        38.06.55n 086.30.21w   815 feet (flag pole)

                       0.5 of mile from main gate to Highway 66


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