Ross Brothers Farm
                        It looks like we last left off in 2005. Five years ago now.  A lot has taken place here on the farm.
                        A couple of new out buildings, a number of raccoon raids on chickens, a pumpkin crop failure, apple
                         and fruit trees that failed to bloom or bud  and grapes that are so sour, not even the rabbits will eat them.                        

                        As 2010 grows, so does our farm!

                        The Summer of 2010 was the hottest we have experienced in years. The pond we dug -- dry as a bone. It didn't
                         hold water for more than a week.  Now we did add the shower and flush toilet and it all seems to work fairly well.
                         Summer this year was hot, very very hot and dry. We haven't finished installing our electric fence but then again we
                         don't have anything to keep in.

                        Oh yes we did change the cabin color from red to "state park brown". I think it gives it that more rustic look. At last count
                        sometime around the first week of December 2010, about 25 of our evergreens along both sides of the property died
                        as did a  number of our Christmas trees. The pear trees didn't fruit very much this year, but the apples were in plentiful supply.
                        The grapes came and went.  I did burn off a small area and hope to get some "Texas Wild Sunflowers" to grow next spring.
                        It is part of the 5 year plan to raise honey bees. Sorry no tomatoes or pumpkins either.  

                        And for those that might some day stumble across the stone marker(s). Barry and I did bury the remains of our
                        brother Randy on the property.  May God Finally Rest His Soul.

                        In the next few days, 2011 will be upon us. I can only image what the 11th year will bring to the Ross Brothers Farm.

                       Last updated: December 25th 2010.  Merry Christmas To All!


                      Today is November 13, 2014 (Annual Tree Count) It is also Randy's Birthday.
                      Has it been 5 years since we last recorded history for the "farm"? Time doesn't slow down for anyone!

                      Winter came early this year. It's a bit cold with a high of around 32. But still a good day for the annual tree count.
                      When we first started counting trees it was real easy. We could look from side to side and see them just above the weed line.
                      If I failed to mention, a few years back we decided to let the property return to a natural state. Cutting only a very small portion of the lot
                      around the cabin. In about 2 years, mother nature has taken a firm hold and is reclaiming land and returning it to a natural state.

                     I started recording and diagramming the trees but it just became too much! Trees, bushes, and scrubs everywhere. The apple trees
                     number about 16 and produced a good crop this past summer. This was the first year that we actually had an abundance of chestnuts.
                     I counted 6 chestnut trees. The white pine that was planted along both sides of the property 14 years ago now average about 20 feet in
                     height and 9 feet in diameter. The Christmas trees now 10 years old are magnificent! Well worth the time and effort it took to plant them
                     The persimmon tree has once again produced a large crop of the rusty orange fruit (who eats these things anyway?). And another small
                     one has actually pushed its way out of the weeds and is about 3 feet tall. 
                     The weeping willows are growing, as is the tree that the Cox's gave us 12 years ago. All in all our tree's are growing. As a side note
                     mother nature has planted about 35 various species of trees and more about those later.

                     The cabin made it through another year but is in dire need of repair. Closing out year 14 and waiting to see what 2015 brings to the


                      Leap Day February 29, 2016

                      This is the final entry for the history of Ross Brothers Farm.  In January 2016, and after 16 years the property was
                      sold for $24,000. We had completed  all that we set to do. Now only time will generate the history of the farm.
                      It was not easy to say good-bye to 16 years of memories, but  age and time had taken its toll. As you read our story,
                      remember it's history only because it occurred, we lived it.

                      May God Bless This Piece Of Land And Watch Over All That Set Foot Upon It.

                      March 1, 2016 --  But what about the monies from the sell of the farm?  Follow this link ->  Ross Creek Ridge


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