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 But Why Does My Cow Need Toys?

Mental Stimulation - If you don't challenge your cow, she may get bored. If your cow is bored she may get depressed, and a depressed cow is a destructive cow and no fun to have around.
Physical Exercise - Just like you, your cow needs to exercise to keep in her physical prime. She'll need things to climb on, crawl under and chew on. She'll need fresh air and fun, fun, fun.


What Are The Ideal Cow Toys?

There are plenty of fun toys available specially designed to stimulate your cow. Some good ones to start with are:
Chewable Rubber Toys - There are some lovely chewy cow toys available - why not try some squeaky rubber grass, or maybe bouncy milk bottles.
Shredded Paper - Your cow will love to bury and snuffle around in shredded paper. It makes a cheap and fun-packed playground for the cow.
Mirrors - Your cow will adore looking at her reflection and be fascinated by the way light is refracted. The cow will particularly enjoy them suspended as a mobile above her bed, and will happily lie back and watch the beautiful patterns made by spinning mirrors.

Outdoor Toys

In the summertime your cow will adore playing in a simple child's paddling pool. It is both fun and healthy for the cow to spend time in water and can be made particularly stimulating for her by the addition of a small slide or flume.
If you don't have a paddling pool, most cows will love having a common garden sprinkler to play in. If you encourage your cow, she will quickly learn to lollop through the spray in a gleeful and joyous fashion.
If your garden is large enough, it is also an excellent idea to obtain some simple cow jumps for her. Ideally you should get a good variety of these - perhaps grow a small hedge and maybe build a small castle out of soft spongy bricks that won't hurt your cow should she knock into its battlements.

And Indoors

Excellent toys for indoors include Plastic Cow Balls. Your cow can climb inside one of these perforated plastic spheres and roll around your home to her heart's content.
Building bricks are excellent for mental stimulation. Gradually, over time, your cow will learn to balance several bricks on top of one another into a building block tower and may even come to attempt a simple gatehouse.
Cargo nets are also an excellent idea. Your cow will find an enormous variety of ways to play with one of these. She'll be able to climb under and over this and, as she gets more and more used to it, she may get more playful with it, possibly entertaining you by using it to dress up as Batman.


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